Robot trouser snake has no problem with slippery mounds

The invention of a robotic side-winding robot at Georgia Tech has yielded this genius-level headline from the Register:

ROBOT TROUSER SNAKE ‘has no problem with slippery mounds’

Boffins overjoyed at performance of slithery tool

If you’re interested in robotics, the Sciencemag abstract can be found here: Sidewinding with minimal slip: Snake and robot ascent of sandy slopes

I’d like to toast Lewis Page, the author of the Register article, for making my morning.

Infidelity, internet drama, and female privilege

So there’s this girl named Zoe:


Who had a boyfriend:


And she cheated on her boyfriend with:


This wouldn’t be newsworthy, but apparently this chick wrote a flash game that got a lot of coverage in the press after Robin Williams’ suicide because the subject of this game was depression.


Hold on, as it turns out, one of the guys she was sleeping with was her boss. She was also sleeping with people who were writing reviews of her game.

It gets better. The femmesphere has rallied to her defense, saying that she is being unfairly attacked and her sexuality is her business.

Isn’t this the kind of ethical violation that people used to complain about, you know, sleeping to get ahead? Wasn’t feminism supposed to be against this sort of thing? So now it’s OK?

Here’s his blog:

And a thread on reddit:

Here’s a youtube video explaining things:

It gets worse. There are nudes.

black girl dancing in apple store

Apropos of nothing, here’s a black girl dancing to a Katy Perry song in an Apple store. No racial or gender commentary here, I just thought it was funny. Pay particular attention to the Genius at time index 46 seconds. That’s me.


Not literally me, but that’s my face right now.

Apparently, there are hundreds of youtube videos of people dancing in the apple store. They’re hilarious. There’s also a Jezebel article about the phenomenon, which manages to take all the fun out of it as usual.

The Katy Perry song Peacock, if you move past the obvious sexual double-entendre, is about getting her guy to lose his shyness. The pick-up artist guys use the term in the exact same way. They call peacocking when you dress to stand out and get noticed. It’s also a part of overcoming social anxiety and not being afraid to dress for success.

Frustrated: Black American Men in Brazil

Watch the whole thing.

I don’t want to say that it’s that bad. I love my beautiful black sisters. And part of the reason why I am here is because I love my beautiful black sisters here, too. They’re beautiful.

But, there is a cultural difference, not just in Brazil compared to the United States, it’s around the world. There is a difference in the way women around the world look towards relationships with, not just black men, but with any man. The system we have in the United States, the way the society is run, it’s just different. As far as I’m concerned, it teaches women that they don’t need to be in a relationship with a man. Whether you’re white, whether you’re black, whether you’re latin, no matter what color you are. That’s just the way that I see it. And I enjoy traveling to different countries around the world and dealing with sisters that don’t have the same hang ups that society gives the women in the United States.